GeoSource 2.0 Source Estimation Software

GeoSource software is used with EGI's Net Station software. GeoSource is a set of tools to model the neural sources of the brain's electrical fields measured with the EEG at the head surface. With the advances of 256-channel dEEG recordings, exact sensor position registration, and accurate conductivity models of head tissues, the accuracy of distributed source models can now be established within reasonable confidence limits.


Combines high-channel EEG data with an idealized head model to estimate sources of brain activity. Allows trained neurologists, neurosurgeons, and neuroscientists to noninvasively visualize brain function.

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GeoSource 2.0 is available for clinical use in the U.S. and is CE marked in conformity with the European Medical Device Directive. The sale of medical devices is strictly regulated by national laws. Please check EGI's regulatory clearances or contact EGI to get the current regulatory status of EGI products in your country. This page is not an offer to sell a medical device in any country where its sale would be prohibited by national law.