EGI Geodesic EEG System (GES) 300 Routine EEG in Clinic or Private Practice

Patient-friendly procedure

For any patient, having an EEG exam for the first time can cause anxiety. For patients with behavioral challenges or autism, it is often impossible to obtain an EEG using conventional methods. With Geodesic EEG Systems, you can provide comfortable, painless EEG for all patients without the need for scalp abrasion, glues, or sedation. 


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Get an EEG from everyone, including children with autism or other behavioral challenges.

The Geodesic EEG Systems use the Geodesic Sensor Net to position the electrodes on the scalp. The electrodes are placed in premeasured locations and require no scalp abrasion or glues. Application is fast and painless, allowing physicians to obtain EEG measurements on patients for whom this was previously considered impossible.

Read about how The CNNH uses Geodesic EEG to provide care for this underserved population.

EEG clinic economics

The Geodesic Sensor Net provides fast and easy application without the need for time-consuming iterative head measurements, scalp abrasion, or glues. After the procedure, the Net is easily removed, disinfected, and hung to dry. This clinic-friendly workflow means that you can serve more patients in a day.

Physicians using Geodesic EEG Systems have reported that it is possible to run twice as many recordings using the HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Net, compared with a conventional cap system. This increase in efficiency also allows for same-day recording, dramatically decreasing wait times and providing faster test results for patients.

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