Distinguish Your Care Center with Geodesic EEG

Physicians worldwide are using Geodesic EEG to improve the care of their patients.

EGI Geodesic EEG System (GES) 300Routine EEG in clinic or private practice
See what one doctor has to say about how Geodesic EEG improved patient care and increased his income stream in a private clinical setting.

Pediatric neurologyPediatric neurology
Learn how one neurologist used Geodesic EEG to build a successful center for neurological health in children, attracting patients from a multi-state area in the U.S.

Long-term or extended monitoringLong-term or extended monitoring
Find out about studies using High Density EEG for long-term or extended monitoring.

High Density EEG neuroimagingHigh Density EEG neuroimaging
Tap into the latest studies from world-class surgical research centers comparing dense array scalp EEG to conventional EEG, intracranial EEG, MRI, SPECT, and PET in planning for epilepsy surgery.

Clinical research toolsClinical research tools
See possibilitites for improving your research with Geodesic EEG.