New EEGLAB plug-in. In line with our commitment to expanding the capabilities of high density EEG, we are pleased to introduce a new EEGLAB plug-in for Net Station, allowing seamless interoperability between our high density EEG System and the most popular open-source EEG analysis software. Learn more.

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GTEN imageEGI introduces new GTEN 100 neuromodulation

Revealed at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping meeting in Geneva, EGI’s new GTEN 100 System is the most sophisticated non-invasive neuromodulation system on the market, introducing a new level of rigor and precision to this important field of research. EGI’s new GTEN 100 Neuromodulation System includes the ability to choose from 256 electrodes for tDCS, tACS, and tPCS neuromodulation with simultaneous EEG. Planning and targeting software incorporates high-definition electric head models, based on individual MRI scans if desired, for the highest level of precision. Available now for research use.

EGI science team and collaborators presented research on electric head models and neuromodulation at the 2017 Brain Stimulation and Imaging Meeting and the Organization for Human Brain Mapping 2017 Annual Meeting, in Vancouver BC. See the talk titles and digital posters.

About EGI

EGI is a medical device company that designs, develops and commercialises a range of non-invasive neurodiagnostic products used to monitor and interpret brain activity. A key component of these products is EGI’s proprietary dense array electroencephalography (dEEG) platform technology. The dense array method gathers brain activity data from many more electrodes than conventional EEG products (up to 256), generating significantly higher quality and more precise levels of information. With regulatory clearance in the US, EU and a number of other major international regulatory bodies, the Company’s technology has been increasingly adopted as a powerful research tool and more recently as a cost effective and patient friendly clinical neurodiagnostic platform.

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